Why Our Soul NEEDS beauty

Some rooms are beautiful and you don’t know why exactly. Simple or elaborate, minimal or colourful it doesn’t seem to be dependant on decoration alone. Also some places can make your heart sing and that you don’t care to pin down to any one thing either. It’s a feeling response in us that comes from inside us, not from an arrangement of elements.

An old boss of mine used to say “We might design the most beautiful restaurant in the world but if no one goes it will fail and close it’s doors.” Over the years, the deeper questions that arose from that statement often gave me pause. Now I understand better why conscious design gives us, our soul, deep peace and pleasure.

[Originally this was a longer piece about why designers follow their hearts but as I wrote, I noticed seven points were standing out. Writing about feeling safe, I felt a physical response in me. Interesting. Then I remembered something I heard Deepak Chopra say once; “Chakras are the junction between our consciousness and our biology”. Hmm. This must be why we FEEL it when design is great, when it works for our soul, because we are responding at all levels of our consciousness.

7 Reasons Why Our Soul NEEDS beauty.

1 ✩ First or Root chakra. Our soul leads us to spaces it knows to be safe. Safe to peacefully live; to exercise, to meditate, to pray, to love, to laugh or cry, to thrive.

2 ✩ Second or Sacral chakra. Our soul knows relationship and connection thrives in supportive and beautiful environments.

3 ✩ Solar plexus or third chakra. Our soul sees that harmony and beauty abound in nature and wants our human nature to be like that too.

4 ✩ Fourth, Heart chakra. When our soul wants us to heal it directs us towards change, allowing the creation of new designs that support the healing we need.

5 ✩ Fifth, Throat chakra. Our soul recognises great design, when it comes from self expression and the enjoyment of that expression.

6 ✩ Sixth, Third Eye chakra. Our soul pulls us into a higher state of awareness, feeling into what wants to happen better, towards the best design for us.

7 ✩ Seventh, Crown chakra. Our soul IS Love so it responds with a centred feeling of deep peace to something created from love.

Eros without Psyche is empty, love without soul is vain. ~Dr. Jean Houston

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