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  • Bolton street lesson

    As a teen I was called to take part in an aptitude test to start the process of acceptance to Architecture School. I remember that the multiple choice paper had 3d diagrams and next to each of them were options of how that shape would look if it’s faceted surfaces were flattened out. The correct options either jumped out at me or I worked out the more difficult ones by closing my eyes and unfolding them in my mind. I was surprised by this and remember thinking 'maybe I really could do this design thing'. Later I got called for interview at that school but ultimately I was not offered a place. The 16 year old me found the whole process quite daunting. On the day, one of the members of the interviewing panel asked me what I had noticed about the entrance to the building we were in. I choked. My mind was blank. I couldn’t give the answer he was looking for because I hadn’t noted things like how many steps led up to the main door. I had been too nervous, too pre-occupied with my feelings of anxiety. This episode was formative because it was from that point that I began a life long path to understand not just design but also energy, thoughts, feelings, social conditioning and the psychology of space

    I holistically use my full range of skills, wisdom and gifts in order to help others in a practical way.

    I am centred in a belief that anything in this world of form benefits from a conscious and holistic approach. 

  • New circle designs dropped into an existing floor.

    New circle designs dropped into an existing floor.

    I knew exactly what he was feeling.

    I recognised it; that sense of knowing  something is missing while also knowing that you can't say just what that 'something' is. 

    My client had a beautiful existing space. He didn't want to detract from it's simple elegance. But he did feel it was a little 'plain'. Could I do something? without adding anything???!

    I did understand. I got it.

    What he meant was that he didn't want to default to the usual solutions to filling a design void; like adding a rug or hanging  artwork or placing a focal point chaise, etc.

    What the space needed, I felt, was something seamless. Something that wasn't IN the space but rather OF the space. 

    A flooring pattern, I thought. Yes. Set into the existing bianco perlino marble. Water jet cut into the floor. In marble mosaic...yes...

    So I came up with a non-intrusive floor design first (see the image below) thinking that would answer the brief best.

    Then I felt called to fill in the centre of the circles using the lines as divisions between materials...

    Note: The photo you see in this image is a 'before' of the entrance lobby.

    I always like to come up with other designs for my client to choose from. Also I want to explore what the space is calling for too... so here is another design...

    ...and another... but secretly I loved the circles best. And so did he!

    ...and so it was installed... Here is a photo the day it was finished...

    ...and this photo is of the external part.

    My client was so delighted that he asked me to create some options for the floors in his master bathrooms...Here are four of the preliminary sketch designs that I emailed to him...

    ...and the header image at the top of this post was the design that he chose. I developed it and then it was installed too...

    Do you like this post? I have loads more cool projects and designs in my archive. I'll share them here to show what is possible and to 'lift the lid' on how designers work, what the back story is and how it all worked out.

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