client representation; continuity as your project progresses

One CEO hired me because he said "Áine, I don't know what I am looking at when the architects present concepts. I need a design right hand to guide me on what I can't see".


As your project advances, you will have a lot of decisions to make. My ongoing advice is invaluable. Building projects can take some navigation and contractor whispering! I can represent you and your needs when the rubber hits the road. I offer these consultancy services so you get additional support when you need it. 

All aspects of the design process excite me; I particularly love it when things become tangible. Going to factories, visiting workshops, attending design team meetings are all fun for me!

For time poor clients I offer the following;

  • Review of mock-ups and material/finishes/sample submissions and presentations.
  • Going to site.
  • Visiting and reviewing factories and their design submissions.
  • Selecting marble, granite and stone blocks and slabs.

Looking after your interests and your project investment, I can also be brought in to assess the following for you -

Documentation Review:

  • Request For Information (RFIs). The outward and return submissions.
  • Request For Proposal (RFPs). The outward and return submissions.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Concept submissions.
  • Schematic submissions.
  • Detail design submissions.
  • Pre-tender documentation.
  • Outward and return submissions.
  • Tender documentation. Outward and return submissions.
  • Contract awards.
  • Post-tender submissions.
  • Construction set drawings.

Additionally I can represent you or attend meetings with you when you are asked to meet with:

  • Members of the Design Team i.e. Architects, Interior Designers, Project and Development Managers, Cost Consultants, Main Contractors etc.
  • Contractors.
  • Sub contractors.
  • Craftspeople.
  • Technical consultants.
  • Any stakeholders involved in your project.