Commission a design.

What special items do you yearn for?

Commissioning a unique design here is easy and exciting! It will respond to the uniqueness of you and your family. It will take inspiration from nature, sacred geometry and our earth. What ever is important and meaningful to you.

I create:

  • rugs and carpets
  • flooring patterns
  • wall mosaics
  • labyrinths
  • timber screens
  • ceiling installations
  • meditation pods/spaces
  • ceremonial platforms
  • healing structures
  • altars
  • furniture
  • yoga/dance/body based practice decks
  • entrance doors
  • portals
  • gates
  • windows and stained glass
  • glass screens
  • crystal chandeliers
  • lighting
  • rugs, mats and carpets
  • fire pits
  • fire place surrounds
  • etc

My design work is all about people having their inner life reflected in an installation their home. Personal sacredness built right in.

How it works;

1. You send me a note with Commission in the title (also you can click on the envelope icon at the bottom of this page). 

There are no constraints at this stage so let your idea soar to great heights!

Do include your ballpark budget, approximate dimensions, the location and any other relevant information.

2. We have a skype session so I can fully understand what your desire is.

We talk about context, meaning, how you want to feel living with your new design.

We chat through ideas on form, materials, texture, light and shade.

You fill me in on the placement and purpose you intend and we explore the power of the piece.

If you don't know how to articulate what you want exactly then don't worry about that. I'll recommend a pre-membering session!

If I need to travel in order to see, feel and accurately measure the location then I will let you know in that first chat. For smaller projects it's not always necessary.

3. I prepare a fee proposal and send it to you for review.

The fee is broken down into three separate prices based on the phases of work to completion. You choose from those on how you want to complete the work.

Concept Design -You get the sketched design and original signed artwork. 

Detail Design - Above plus all the CAD drawings ready for your contractor.

Production and Installation - All above plus me on site, visiting factories, tendering, reviewing shop drawings, project management, quality control, hand over. The complete service. Soup to nuts.

Each are quoted for separately.

Note: Sometimes clients just want the concept design and they choose to find someone else to prepare the technical drawings of my design. Obviously if you choose this I cannot be responsible for any mistakes, misinterpretations or errors! The safer option if you choose to see the project through yourself is to have me do the technical drawings. Naturally the best option is the complete package. This is my favourite way to work too as I am involved at every stage and can meet you and the artisans in person. The perfectionist in me is channelled well and shines with delight!

4. You let me know how you want to proceed. If it's a green light then I send a formal contract, timescale to completion of the work and all other necessary details.


Want to get started? Fill in this form or click the envelope below!

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