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Sometimes my work with you will feel like executive coaching. Other times it will look like CAD drawings, typed documents and hand drawn sketches prepared for your review. Ultimately though it’s all about factoring in your dreams, right from the beginning. 

Clients hire me to help them get clear on their design intention and dream BEFORE they hire architectural and design teams. Why? so that when they do choose their design team, they can brief them precisely on what they need, want and envision. For my clients, this saves them both time and money because the essence of what they want built is communicated right from the beginning.

To take you from your design dreams to a built scheme you need one hugely important document, that is a Design Brief. This can be a headache for people as they find it hard to put into words what they want to FEEL when they walk into their finished design. I have a simple process to work this out, finding both what you need and how you want to feel:

First, pre-membering sessions to tune into what you dream of.

Second, I give you a Briefing Directive Document. 

After working with me you will be totally clear on your actual vision for your property. At the end of the process you have this written document, full of sketches and early layout plans, together with precedent imagery and site and location information. This tells the complete story of how you want to experience your final built environment.

If your dream home was a movie, this Briefing Directive Document is like the script that provides the story-arc of the project, from concept design through to the handing over stage.

This means that whenever a question arises regarding a design element, for example, storage requirements/security/access/lighting etc then the answers can be sourced in this key pre-design document.

It also contains all of your design ideals, the ‘must haves’. It outlines your specific requirements; essential architectural elements that must be taken into account at the beginning such as; grade, floor to ceiling heights, daylight allowances, orientation, etc. Also included are pre-chosen criteria, dreamed about interior design, favoured functionality, optimal layouts and any other preferences we have identified together. It’s a process that results in this critical document full of design and construction based directives on what this new built environment must have, cater for, provide, feel, look and sound like.