get design advice by the hour.

I now offer hourly rates as well. Help is at hand.

This is for those of you who want to ‘pick my brain’ on a range of design situations - from feeling into the energy of possible real estate options to wanting my design opinion on pressing interior design decisions.

Do any of these sound like your needs?

✩ You love the house you live in but the interiors are 'not coming together' for you.

✩ The energy is 'off' where you live or work and you want to know how to fix it.

✩ You love the furniture and items you currently own but you just can’t make them work together cohesively.

✩ You aren't messy but everything looks messy and it's driving you crazy.

✩ You are about to make a large investment purchase and you are scared of getting it wrong. Examples of this might be a major furniture item or an art piece or perhaps a kitchen remodel.

✩ You want to make design changes but you are renting and don’t want to make an investment that you can’t take with you.etc

Don’t worry! Help is at hand, I can consult and advise on various projects and issues.

Start here by sending me a note and I'll reply straight away

This hourly rate is also great for;

  • lighting recommendations,
  • layout questions,
  • best use of your existing furnishings,
  • decluttering and
  • anything related to building and renovation such as
  • decoration,
  • construction,
  • finishes selection,
  • contractor whispering, etc. 

How we work together;

First step - It's best to drop me a note first to let me know a little about your issue.

Second step - If I can help, we set up an appointment to chat. You send me photos of the issue. We have our in person or virtual chat where I explore with you what you want and need. 

Third step - I come up with solutions/fixes/recommendations as appropriate emailing you my diagnosis or assessment.

These may include design layout changes to do with flow and may not always require you to buy anything new. 

The hourly rates are as follows:

One is - $200 / €180 / £125

Two are - $360 / €320 / £230

Four are - $600 / €540 / £385

Eight are - $1000 / €900 / £640