a less formal bio

a less formal bio

I love that I can help my clients tune into what they think they don’t know. They do! I just know the right questions to ask, expanding on a thread of an idea to weave the full vision of what could really be created.

I blend project management skills together with interior architectural design and combine both of those with mindfulness and a little bit of magic.

(Thanks to @Alex_Franzen for the writing prompts and inspiration to write this page in this way...)

things I care about;

 ✩ Listening and understanding. I care deeply about YOUR vision for your project and I want to help you get exactly what you desire and need.

 ✩ Connection and harmonious communication. I care about all the great people who put a building together and I love to lead with clarity and client representation.

 ✩ Visioning a bright future. I care about serving the beauty of the world. By listening deeply to you and us both working magic I can help your dream vision come to life, forming in the best possible way for itself, for you and for all involved.

truths about me;

 ✩ I am an empath and an intuitive. I love to connect to the good in others, to nature, to the field of pure potentiality and to our higher selves. 

 ✩ I love to sit down with people who really want their needs to be heard. I listen with all my senses and it is sacred to me to be with you, in order to understand what wants to happen for you and the highest good.  

 ✩ I can ‘hear’ a building, built space, unbuilt space, potential built reality ‘speak’ about what it wants to be.


Favourite Law of Attraction experience; 

  ✩ Once, when I was living in wintery London but ready for change, I had a day dream about having the opposite experience to what I had right then. A different job. A new place to live (that was free of mice (yes, really). A place that I didn't have to share out of economic necessity. I yearned to be lifted out of the life situation I was in. I remember I was very specific; I wanted creative freedom. A light filled, clean living space that was all mine, preferably high up. Sunshine. And loving, fun friendships...I forgot all about it until months later when… I arrived home from my new job in Abu Dhabi to my 8th floor apartment that I shared with no-one. As I took off my sandals to pad across my shiny marble flooring to gaze at the warm evening light, it dawned on me! "Oh my gosh, my wish came true". I am so grateful still. Thank you Universal energy.

10 revealing questions answered truthfully;

1 ✩ Most likely to say?

ProbablyI LOVE this!’. Said with emphasis!

2 ✩ Saving grace?

Not taking anything personally.

3 ✩ Rural idyll or urban bliss?

I love cities but I have a serious case of biophilia so I need to be on the beach or in nature a lot to be truly happy. I can gaze at the natural world all day. Especially trees. And rocks. Especially rocks, stones, formations, texture… I have spent hours staring at patterns; clouds in the sky and in a moth’s wing and in shells… I could go on and on. Most of #365magical was biophilia!

4 ✩ What sounds exciting right now?

Exploration. Inner and outer - All the non-fiction in my audible account and travel. Always travel. Once I had four different currencies with me on a trip. That made me so happy.

5 ✩ Favourite daily practice?

Exercise (dance cardio!) and meditation.

6 ✩ Proudest small triumph?

What comes to mind is ceilings! I hate to see air conditioning grilles in ceilings so I invented a ‘trademark’ detail which always appears in my schemes. Setting the linear grille into a ’top hat’ section, as tall as it is wide, means that you don’t see the grille unless you are standing under it.

7 ✩ Ultimate joyful feeling?

That sensation of flying, especially like the time I was in a tiny sightseeing helicopter over Sedona, Arizona.

8 ✩ Archangel?

Michael. Of course :)

9 ✩ What do you do for fun? 

I love clothes. Everything about them, even taking care of them! My style is contemporary, textured and detailed. Lately I've been working a casual but glamourous thing. Oh and I also sketch jewellery designs and make things.

10  ✩ What do you not talk about much?

I secretly dream of being an aerialist. I finally had the opportunity to get started last June. Gosh it was hard!!!! I seriously dream of having my own static, single point trapeze at home. I have the whole gym planned in my mind already!

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