"Hello darling Áine! I can feel your spirit inspiring me through the Everywhen, and I love it! You are one of earth's most glorious wayfinders; I'm so blessed you found your way to our Tribe. xoxo, Martha"

Martha Beck,  August 2012

Wow. Just wow.

Praise, testimonials and other blushes are below;

[On the completion of a very large residential palace my client said;]

“It’s interesting Áine that the only rooms I don’t like, now that I see them finished, are the ones I made you change and change. I wish I hadn’t interfered and had gone with what I approved in your concept designs! The ones that are built like you originally showed me are the ones I like best”.

[This amazing and generous Dubai Sheikha later sent me a thank you gift that took my breath away - a stunning full length Balenciaga gown that she heard I admired.]

...Colleagues who purchased property at Al Bandar, Al Muneera and Al Zeina ( Aldar residential developments I worked on in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) personally thanked me for raising the standard of the interior finishes, fittings and architectural layout of their apartments.

[This meant so much to me as it was a tough job to achieve!] 

...A potential client reviewed my design work at a private villa I had just completed that she now owned. She said to me afterwards;

“Look here is the notebook I took to write down all the things I didn’t like, it’s empty! I liked everything!” 

[We went on to work together and I really enjoyed our collaboration]

...Recently a someone said that I had done more in my initial review and quick revised layout sketch than all the previous advisors had given her in the previous months;

“But Áine you don’t realise, no one else saw that, not the architect or interior designer or the realtor who came to help me sell this home. Wow, if I can have this layout I don’t even want to sell!”

...I have trained as a life coach too, here is some praise for private coaching sessions..

p.s. Here is a testimonial that my coach training buddy sweetly sent to me; "Aine chose me! One of the most fortunate events in my adult life was an email I received from Aine MacDermott in the autumn of 2011. Aine emailed to ask if I would be her coaching partner in the Martha Beck life coach training program we’d just begun. Apart from deciding to enroll in the program in the first place, saying ‘yes’ to being her coaching partner was the best decision I made that year. So began a relationship, both professional and personal, that has enriched my life in more ways that I can count. Before beginning Martha Beck's life coach training, Aine was already a very accomplished interior designer; you only have to spend a moment in her presence to know that she has a unique sense of personal style and is gifted in her expression of it. It would also come as no surprise that Aine proved to be an extremely gifted life coach. Aine is empathic. She is kind. She is patient. Aine understands her clients and meets them with acceptance and compassion. Aine has lived her life with eyes wide open, courageously finding and following her own truth, navigating the currents of her own life with poise and grace. The poet Mary Oliver wrote: “I tell you this to break your heart,
 by which I mean only
 that it break open and never close again
 to the rest of the world.” Aine knows Heartbreak. And Truth. And Love. And Forgiveness. She lives her life with her heart wide open and her soul deeply connected. And in this, she creates a safe space for her clients to fall apart, to feel, to question, to heal, to learn, to grow. And she adds a unique element to her coaching: Aine combines her expertise in design to offer many different entry points for her clients to find and fully express their true selves. Aine offers a warm invitation and inspiration for living your best life. Treat yourself to the invaluable gift of her coaching." M N, London, UK

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