'Pre-SEE' Your Future Home.

Some of the things you need are products.

For example you can buy designs, objects, whole houses even. But are those products perfect for you? This process helps you to see what you really want in your future.


It’s a guided meditation of sorts. I developed it for the purpose of imaginal discovery. You may not think you know what you want but at a deeper level, you do! It’s a cool process, works a treat and yields rich and informative results. It’s a kind of conscious journeying, a way to access your higher knowing. I talk you through it. It’s not hard or weird. It’s like day dreaming or being lost in thought.

This pre-membering is not unlike two of Martha Beck’s coaching tools, being a bit of a blend of the 'Ideal Day' and 'Dream Analysis' exercises but with my own tools woven through. This session can be done in person or on the phone.

With your eyes closed, and relaxing into the process, you allow your brain’s right hemisphere to ‘speak’. Quieting the left more verbal side of your brain allows you to feel into what wants to happen for yourself. I ask some key questions and you start to richly describe the feeling you want to have when your project is done. I ask you to describe what you are seeing. You may find that you need to use irregular methods to communicate what you see. For example you may say why an evocative movie scene seems relevant to the sort of vibe you are getting. You might talk about painting, sculpture, sport, music, or anything at all. Memories may come up that are part of the story. It’s a beautiful realm to be in and there are no rules at all. It’s all GREAT information.

If you are a kinaesthetic or auditory thinker then don’t worry. ’Seeing’ your vision is not necessary. Using words to describe, using metaphor, analogy, saying ‘it’ has a smell or taste of it’s own are all methods that client’s have used before and I can understand them all. Dance and movement work too! You don’t need to analyse what it all means there and then in terms of actual designs or action steps. That interpretation comes out of the ‘intuitive download’ discussion afterwards.

After the session I take all this invaluable information and email you what was heard and discovered. 

When used in conjunction with a Design Commission I begin to sketch, outline, research, plan and apply strategy and order to allow your project to evolve.

When used with my Design Dreams to Built Schemes process, this is translated, sketched out and put together with the other information gathering results. It’s part of the Briefing Directive Document ready for your architect, designer or contractor.

If you are doing a Wayfinding package with me there might be homework for you to explore after doing this pre-membering exercise.

Pre-membering can be useful to get clear on any aspect of your life so it can be scheduled as a stand alone session too.

One session is - $200 / €160 / £125

It's best to get in touch here so that we can start chatting over your particular needs before you book a pre-membering session.


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