space 'whispering' services

Arriving somewhere, say like a hotel, I'll be minding my own business and woosh, I'll get a rush of information like a download.

The building seems to be speaking to me. It can be something lovely but often it's a cry for help like;

“I'm facing the wrong way!!!”

“I block light as I’m too monolithic!!!!”

“I’m missing a sunset terrace!!!”

“Humans dislike the way I feel!!!”

Those are some actual examples.

Funny right? But it happens all the time. When visiting buildings, often an impression rushes straight at me, jumping right into my awareness, without me trying to feel anything. Houses, offices, spas, malls, shops, everywhere really. Often it is an obvious design flaw which I see (given my architectural training and design experience) but also I ‘feel’ into the missed opportunities and omissions. Sometimes this feels like sadness... This ability did start in childhood I suppose, as I cannot remember ever being without this odd sensation.

A photographic memory for layouts and spaces helps too. When this happens,  I notice that layout and arrangement isn't separated from how those spaces felt or what time of day it was when I first walked in. I seem to remember everything together; how the light was, how it smelled, what the vibe was, all of those initial, 'Blink-type' first impressions. Over the years I must have mentally filed all of those experiences because I appear to have a vast catalogue to reference now when I do this type of work; tuning in to ‘feel’ the essence of what wants to change. Partly innate, and a bit 'ten thousand hours'-ish, (referencing another of Malcolm Gladwell's books, Outliers),  I actually love to do this. I'm delighted to now offer it formally.

'Place Whispering' consulting.

I actually didn't know what to call this service at first. I thought maybe 'design fixer' but that wasn't it exactly because sometimes the design is beautiful but there is something up with the vibe or atmosphere. I settled on 'space  (or place) whispering' as the most descriptive and accurate.

Hiring me: I can come in and perform an analysis of the space by spending a few hours there (sometimes a couple of days, depending on the complexity) to understand what the energy is doing, what the flow issues are and what’s problematic in general. In the process of seeing and feeling the problems, often the solutions jump into my awareness too. This means that I also see what can be done to remedy the building or space. I can sketch and propose what to do.

This can be very useful to prospective buyers or those looking to sell properties. 

This is also amazing for a 'green field' site too. That is, when you have bought land that you plan to build on. I can often see what wants to happen there.

Recently a prospective client said that I had done more in my initial review and quick revised layout sketch than all the previous advisors (architect, realtors) had given her in the previous months.

“But Áine you don’t realise, no one else saw that, not the architect or interior designer or the realtor who came to help me sell this home. Wow, if I can have this layout I don’t even want to sell!”

To book this service send me a note first so we can chat it over. Project pricing will depend on scale and what you need.