Your home. do you love it?

Is your home not feeling good to you?


Seeking meaning and beauty is an innate human need and response.

Wanting to add meaning to your home happens because you are naturally wholehearted, which is a beautiful thing to understand and honour. Story, myth, love and family. These things help us find our place in the world. This is why we love to see it reflected in our homes, making us feel comfortable, secure and peaceful.

After work, walking into your current home, maybe you are feeling the loss of something that is not there for you...

You might be craving beauty... you may desperately need a sense of peace...

There may be the absence of a tangible calmness when you walk into your home which makes you feel 'off' but you can't put your finger on what or why that is...

You may see clutter, or you may see pristine and shiny order but I have noticed over the years that it is not always about the arrangement of things. It's about how we feel about the things that make up our experience of our homes.

When you work with me to figure out what it is you want to create I always start with how you want to feel. How you want to feel now in this moment while we mindfully plan for a future version of your home. 

That's it. Simple but very powerful. 

Layouts. Arrangement. Storage. Clever solutions. Practical answers. Sacred space. Room to breathe.

“So tell me. What’s your favourite way to honour your inner life?”

Meaning Comes From Honouring Your Heart.

Put Your Heart Into Your Home, To Create A Space You Love.

Immediate need? You might find Get Design Advice by the Hour useful for your existing home. For the planning of Dream Homes and how to make them real I suggest Large Project? This is For You.



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