New here? a quick overview.

On seeing things that aren’t there yet.

I am Áine Atara-MacDermott, an interior architect, holistic designer and pre-design strategist. 

I work with the early energy of things that start life in the imagination and heart.

Together with you, I work with intention and highest possibility to tease out what exactly it is that you want to have built.

Through the pre-design process you gain clarity and at the end you take away a full Pre-Design Briefing Document, primed full of your dreams and instructions that your architect, interior designer or contractor will understand.  

I work with individuals and corporate clients.

Corporate consultancy services

My preference is to only work with the real initiators of a design project — the visionaries, decision makers, the founders and funders of schemes. I have worked with CEO’s, Chairpersons, innovative leaders and COO’s. I noticed that, ‘designing by committee’ at the critical inception stage always gives incoherent results.

Private consultancy services

I work with people who are ready to plan the building of their dream home, those who want to make changes to existing homes and people who are seeking to purchase property. Exploring the thread of your idea, weaving it into the wider story of your ideal way of living, together we open up more freedom of choice. 

From design dreams to built schemes: the financially smart solution

The financial advantages of consulting a pre-design strategist are vast. I believe strongly in the value of this work I have developed. Not paying full attention to guiding and leading a design intention at the start can end up in wastefully used time, money and valuable resources. I saw this first hand while I was Head of Design at a major Real Estate Development firm where these principles were NOT employed. The financial benefits of pre-designing are vast. Spending time at the very beginning of a project is the smartest investment you can make because your imagination and ideals are free of economic constraint at this stage. It is safe financially and it's confidential.

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