the magical process of pre-membering

Designing from our inner realm.

We all possess access to an inner realm that contains creativity, invention, art, archetypes and myths, patterns and deep knowledge. I  know how to nourish the seeds of a design dream that resides in my client’s imagination.

A dream design exists already in what the great Nobel physicist David Bohm termed 'a primary order of reality', a grand frequency that contains in essence all other dimensions and knowledge. In Buddhism and Hinduism this is often spoken of as a Primary Ground of Being.

Through various kinds of resonant states of consciousness (the liminal period between sleep and wakefulness, meditation, accessing the right hemisphere of the brain etc) we can find ourselves allowing the details of what we want to know, feel and create, arise in us. As we put this information into action and thought the other primary order of reality, what Bohm calls explicate order, unfolds.

Over the course of a twenty year career I have seen this fractally, showing up time and time again. It's a magical process. Using the word ‘magic’ when talking about getting things built or changed in the ’solid’ world of form may seem odd until we go a little deeper.

“… brilliant magic makers defined Magic as the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with will.” - Dr. Jean Houston

This word 'will' is truly why I have combined my skills to serve you better. You see, to really direct one's will and thus create magical results, one needs to examine what it is being 'willed' into existence. Inquiry, asking, going deeper to design in all your dreams. If there is internal resistance and 'that will never work' thinking? I have the ability to 'coach' you through imagined limitations, clearing and dissolving out-moded thinking.

Dr Houston went on to list the following set of magic making skills;

1. Visualise your goal.

2. Create thought forms.

3. Create energy templates.

4. Raise energy.

5. Direct that heightened energy into a form of thought that becomes more substantial.

6. Project or direct or will the energy into taking form, first in the realm of thought and then in the realm of actual manifestation.

Áine has honed these skills in her own life and because they work there she developed them for use here at Pre-Designer. 

How it works to serve you:

In the course of working with me in any of the ways I offer; whether you are commissioning me to design something for you, hiring me to problem solve in a design consultanting capacity or even in an hourly session, you can expect to experience a version of this magical process.

Here is my pre-membering process;

1. Breathing deeply and getting centred with closed eyes, start to visualise your ideal. Go into your creative imagination. I help pull you into your centre as I stay firmly centred in my own Higher Self. Following guidance, intuition, knowing, unboundedness and using  my discernment, I ask key questions of you. (Client’s who are more kinesthetic describe what they feel or what they are doing.) We work with my 'Five Senses' exercise too…(This first hour is so abundantly rich with great information. I start a specific sketchbook for this client, noting what I have tracked so far.)

2. A ‘Day In The Life’ begins to form now. Our next session often reveals that thought forms and limitations are getting attached to  your ideal. We work on these ‘old brain’ limiting thoughts. I use thought dissolving tools from the masters such as Martha Beck, Byron Katie’s The Work, Karla McLaren’s The Language of Emotions, ACT Therapy etc. (All this great information is noted and added to my clent sketchbook).

3. Energy templates are created by me. We walk the space or site together and that which wants to happen reveals itself further. This is a sacred, magical and wordless experience. We discuss what has been found, what was revealed. (More note taking and sketching).

4. We invite and allow unseen help, non-local intelligence and our higher selves to co-create with us. Depending on the size and nature of the project this stage may take more than one hour long session. If it is a whole house then the energy of a kitchen will have different requirements to that of a bedroom...

5. Energy raising continues to happen for me as I honour, listen and tune into what wants to happen. The exact and precise questions that emerge for me to ask of you, gives the full opportunity to  you to explore your intuitive knowing. Your imagination is forming your ideal.

(Because I am led to discover the most harmonious solution for you and your project the questions I might ask you are of the ‘Partnership with the Divine’ type…, A simple one might be “What is the first thing you want to see in the morning?”. You may answer “An uninterrupted view of the clouds in the sky” and wonder at yourself! Client's are just amazed and delighted by what they hear themselves saying! This is awesome for me doing my job as I now can get very specific, noting that a frameless glazing solution will be needed in an opening in the structure over your master bed. This means that planning the furniture layout must be done at the same time as the architectural design. Not later!)

6. I take all this invaluable information and back in my office I direct what we heard and discovered and I begin to sketch, outline, research, plan and apply strategy and order to what will need to happen to allow your project to evolve.

In terms of pre-design strategy, this priceless, creatively rich  information can now be written up, sketched and put together into a solid, serious Briefing Directive Document ready for you to take to your Board, your team, your architect/designer or to your contractor.