why pre-design?

I’m a big proponent of asking 'Why?'

Its the basis of a pre-design strategy that you need to have before you start hiring designers, architects and above all contractors!

I help you to get clear on what you really want - before it gets too expensive and/or too late, to make design changes.

Why predesigning is a thing right now;

Recently I heard my sister's friend talking about her home and how she really regrets the way her kitchen was designed. They had a chance to change the plans when the house was under construction but life got in the way and she and her husband didn’t know what to ask for then anyway so it got built too small. AND they now have an idle dining room they never use, except maybe at Christmas. A waste of valuable real estate! My sister looked at her and said ‘You know, you should have gone to a pre-designer’. Which was so great for me to hear, that what I do is being really understood and valued at grass roots level!

It’s great too because clients might come to me for a specific design thing like that but what they actually walk away with is life clarity. They find they have a better and fuller understanding around who they are, what their purpose for living is and how they want to live, work and play.

Why I am perfectly placed to offer this service:

I have held roles both as an interior architect AND as a commissioning client, so I see things from both sides of the design meeting table. Three years ago I added life coach training to my skills. Together this means I now have a 360º understanding of how we humans design and use our built environments. Also as I advanced further along my spiritual path, I have discovered (actually more like admitted to), the more esoteric skills I was born with, like clairsentience and psychic intuition, which I now utilize fully.

What I love most in the world is holistically blending all of this experience to help.